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Harley Ingleby - Moe


Product Description

“When I started out designing the MOE mid-length range I wanted to have an easy ride and good paddling, while keeping good stability and support. I think this is important because many new surfers often choose boards in this size range and I wanted to cater for all surfers. The bottom is pretty flat with a double concave between your feet, a really good combination for carving turns in a wide board. Rails are not too thick, for sensitivity, and they transition from neutral round forward through round tucked edge to the fin area and low hard behind the fins. The rails are foiled from forward of center toward the tail, for drive through turns and good travel around white water sections.

The fin setup is Thruster/Quad and large size FCS II fins such as large Carver or the Harley Ingleby FCS II set if you like bigger fins. The wide standing area allows the surfer to stay in the sweet spot during the whole ride, even across dead sections. The Moe model is a high performance, carving, mid-length surfboard that is suitable for all levels of surfing.” – Shaper Billy Tolhurst




7’2” x 22” x 2 13/16”

49.4 ltr

7’4” x 22 1/2" x 2 7/8”

52.9 ltr

8’0” x 22 5/8” x 3 1/16”

61.2 ltr

Recommended Fin set-up

FCS II Harley XL Quad Set 

New Thunderbolt Brushed Construction

They’re basically the exact same internal flex pattern and strength as the 2017 Thunderbolt Red blanks, but we’ve upgraded to a more efficient external lamination weight with the Xeon glass, which brings the XEON Fiberglass boards in at effectively the same weight as the carbon fiber laminations. Furthermore, now the best performance flex pattern for everyday conditions also hits my ideal weight for contests and fun – Harley Ingleby

Harley Ingleby Surfboard Technology

The Harley Ingleby Series shaped by Billy Tolhurst is designed with Thunderbolt Technologies, utilizing advanced materials and technology in surfboard design that decreases weight while taking performance, flex, and control to the next level.

These lightweight epoxy constructions are 100% hand layups, and begin with an EPS foam core with multi-component carbon fiber stringer system, for high performance flex and twist. Proprietary designs employing internal carbon fiber components are arrayed in the deck and rails for precise flex control and strength.

The core shield PVC shell provides flexible protection to increase the longevity of the boards without compromising flex and twist characteristics. With a substantial amount of carbon fiber and fiberglass in the deck, bottom, and rails, surfboards in the Harley Ingleby Series will outperform and outlast traditionally constructed polyester comp boards.

Boards you find here are the exact models that Harley rides. While free surfing and training, Harley pulls out models featuring the BLUE Thunderbolt Technology Construction. These are true high performance boards that have extra carbon fiber internal elements that make them very strong. For competition, Harley often goes with the even lighter weight Thunderbolt RED construction in his HIHP model…sacrificing a bit of strength for the ultimate in responsiveness and lightest weight. We can’t tell you all of the ingredients to the secret sauce, but scroll down to the technology graphics below to see what goes into making these 100% hand layup models perform like lightning.


Condition: New In stock